Quito and Surroundings

The Highlands of Ecuador sits between two parallel mountain ranges about sixty kilometers apart, running North to South. Although equatorial, because of elevation, this area ranges in climate from Spring-like to ice-cold. Quito,  2.850 m. high (9350 ft), capital of Ecuador and former Northern capital of the Inca Empire, is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the perfect base for travelers and for most, their point of arrival.

Quito´s elegant colonial heart is preserved as in the 18th century, while the modern “new town offers every comfort of modern life. Our city is living proof of Indian and Colonial art, beautiful cathedrals, elegant old world mansions, interesting museums, plazas and parks with statues of historical personalities, first class hotels, charming boutique hotels, delightful restaurants, fashionable shops and street markets selling a wealth of Ecuadorian jewels, arts and crafts. This fascinating city sits on a cool Andean plateau, surrounded by majestic mountains, some of which are snow-capped year round. Stretching South of Quito is the lush mountain valley that the German scientist Alexander von Humbolt dubbed “the Avenue of the Volcanoes”. Need things to do in Quito, Ecuador? Browse through our various tours exploring Quinto and its beautiful surroundings. Choose from tours that visit ruins, museums, monuments & more! We also offer many scenic tours to the northern city of Cuenca, where you can enjoy a Cuenca city tour and beautiful views along the way.

Quito City Tour

Visit Quito, capital of Ecuador and the former Northern capital of the Inca Empire. Browse beautiful cathedrals, elegant old world mansions, plazas, interesting museums, and more. Click here to learn more