Our Team

Over thirty years ago while travelling around South America, Judy Carvalhal, the founder of Enchanted Expeditions, fell in love with Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, settling thereafter. Judy first worked as a naturalist guide in the Galapagos, gaining valuable experience in the tourism business, before moving on to operate her own yachts, and then progressed to form her own company, which has helped pioneer the modern tourist industry in the Galapagos and mainland Ecuador: Enchanted Expeditions.

In 1987, after more than ten years in the Islands, Judy moved to the Ecuadorian capital Quito, well placed for the hands on direction of the company.  An avid traveller; Judy has explored the length and breadth of Ecuador, and indeed much of the world, using her considerable knowledge and experience as a solid foundation for Enchanted Expeditions.

Judy’s partners Martin Schreyer and Sergio Bernardi joined the company about 20 years ago.  They contributed to the great success of Enchanted Expeditions.  Martin, a native of the Galapagos and expert seaman with an extensive knowledge of the islands and every aspect of a boat, is in charge of our Galapagos yacht operation.  Sergio brings with him years of experience as a naturalist/bird guide in the jungle and in the highlands of Ecuador.

Judy, Sergio and Martin– among the very first in Galapagos and Ecuador to conduct research and recognize the need for responsible tourism (this was many years before ‘sustainable tourism was even recognized by the media and industry). They have a deep and heartfelt commitment to protect and preserve both the wildlife and culture of Ecuador; and thus offer unmatched local expertise, insight and connections to design both ready-made and custom active travel vacations, all of which are specifically tailored.

Online Sales Director for Enchanted Expeditions
Galapagos & Ecuador Destination Expert


Jonathan Angermeyer

Online Sales Director & Destination Expert for Galapagos and Ecuador for Enchanted Expeditions

Managing Director of Periplus Expeditions LLC – our USA Representative based in Miami.      

Contact Jonathan or email him, he will be happy to help you with any Galapagos and Ecuador information.  Born and raised in the Galapagos, he has been part of the Enchanted Expeditions project since he was born, always on board as an infant, child and teenager – he has explored much of his native islands on board his parents earlier vessels.