Saquisili market, one of Ecuador's most vibrant!

Two hours South of Quito sits the town of Saquisilí with one of the most colorful and complete Indian markets in Ecuador; it is also one of the largest and most authentic indigenous markets in Ecuador.

Every Thursday hundreds of indigenous people from the mountains prepare to make the journey towards Saquisilí where they gather for market day. They arrive in the early hours of the morning, sometimes while it is still dark, and set up their stalls to showcase the variety of products they have come to sell. The whole town is converted into a vibrant market where one can walk through the central plaza and shop for handicrafts of all kinds.

The market vendors will sell everything from pots and pans, to pigs and goats, and colourful handicrafts. The market is well known for its animal market. Food stalls will sell a variety of local specialties, while the local butcher slaughters pigs, cattle and sheep to sell off piece by piece. The market, as with many of the markets in Ecuador, is a chance for locals to socialize and an opportunity to wear their finest.

Enjoy this truly authentic market set amongst the stunning and spectacular Andean mountains. Not only is it a great opportunity to find some beautiful local crafts and taste the local cuisine, but also a chance to see and experience the culture traditions of the indigenous communities of this area of Ecuador. Setting foot in this market is like stepping into another world!

Enchanted Expeditions offers tours to Saquisili market. In the morning guests have the opportunity to stroll through the market and shop products of all kinds. Afterwards they will be taken to have lunch at La Cienega, a 300-year-old restored hacienda, now a beautiful country inn. After lunch guests are free to explore the gardens of the hacienda, or stroll along the country lanes. Contact us for more information!