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A Cultural Bonanza

Ecuador is a country of variety with diverse landscapes and rich history.  It is an ideal location for educational tours Ecuador of a special interest.  Discover ancient legends as they are portrayed through traditional arts and crafts that are still practiced today, walk the paths of the ancient cultures and learn what is known of their culture, or come to meet with contemporary Ecuadorian artists who re-engage traditional motifs in their work.

Family holidays and educational tours Ecuador are designed based on the interest of the group.  Your may explore a variety of subjects, such as nature, pre-Columbian art or indigenous cultures.  Explore any of the exciting and beautiful destinations in Ecuador while engaging in activities of your choice, anything from relaxing on the beach to horseback riding to visiting archaeological sites.  We will design the trip that best suits your group.

We also offer community tours for those whom are interested in getting involved with local projects and local communities.