Straddling the Equator on the Pacific coast, this small nation is richly endowed with snowy Andean Peaks towering over emerald green slopes, rivers winding through tropical jungles, and beyond this in the Pacific Ocean lay the Galapagos Islands.

Ecuador offers an interesting blend of the colonial and indigenous cultures: charming towns and villages, colourful indigenous markets, pre-Columbian artifacts, and impressive colonial architecture.

For such a small nation, Ecuador has many UNESCO World Heritage sites: Historical Centre of Quito the capital, Cuenca the third largest city, Sangay National Park for it’s rare Andean wildlife and the Galapagos Islands for its incredible biodiversity and astonishing beauty. Browse our various Ecuador guided tours, below. Enchanted Expeditions will take you to all the amazing places to visit in Ecuador.

Adventure Tours

From trekking to hiking to white water rafting, Ecuador offers an adventure for anyone. The magnificent mountain peaks, plunging valleys, and rolling will match your experience with truly magnificent scenery. Click here to learn more

Cultural and Nature Tours

Ecuador is a country both rich in cultural heritage and nature reserves. Our Ecuador Cultural Tours and Ecuador Nature Tours offer travelers the opportunity to experience the diversity of Ecuador’s landscape and wildlife while learning about the many facets of Ecuador’s… Click here to learn more

Cuenca and Surroundings

You can’t miss out on the beauty of Cuenca: Ecuador’s third largest city, famous for its arts and crafts, cathedrals, and colonial architecture, this city is proudly listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Trust site. Our Cuenca tours take you… Click here to learn more

Market Tours

One of the most fascinating and unique things about Ecuador is its markets. Market day is a grand, colorful fiesta with hundreds of people buying and selling almost everything: food, hardware, clothing, tapestries, with most things made or produced locally. Vendors… Click here to learn more

Nature and Wildlife Tours

A rapport with Nature Ecuador is a nature lover’s paradise. The amazing variety of vegetation in Ecuador supports a startling variety of vegetation; from high Paramo to Tropical Rainforests and mangrove swamps, make it the home to a great variety… Click here to learn more

Otavalo and Surroundings

Explore the areas north of Quito, such as Otavalo market known for its weavings, San Antonio de Ibarra where woodcarving is a way of life, stay at historical Haciendas, and explore interesting natural reserves. Click here to learn more

Special Interest Tours

Ecuador’s wide variety of landscapes, its pre-Columbian cultural heritage, and, most importantly, its assortment of people from different ethnic groups, make the country a fascinating treasure to be visited. From fine historical haciendas to the trails of ancient cultures, these special… Click here to learn more