Galapagos Island Hopping and Land Tours

We recommend our guests to extend their Galapagos experience by staying on at one of the local villages in the archipelago, before or after their cruise. Or for those who prefer to only sleep on land, we are also offer multi-day island hopping packages. These tours allow guests to stay in the local villages while exploring visitor sites in and around the villages, or going on day tours to nearby islands. During this time guests will have the opportunity to interact with wildlife and visit pristine areas while also experiencing a bit of the local culture. We can also customize these trips to suit individual preferences and needs.

For those who love to dive, underwater Galapagos can be as exciting and interesting as Galapagos ashore.  The combination of ocean fish, birds, mammals and reptiles sets Galapagos apart from other marine environments.  Snorkelers and divers share the water with penguins, sea lions, marine iguanas, sea turtles, angel fish, large schools of Amberjacks and many other species of fish.  We offer diving tours that can be added as an extension to a cruise or offered as part of an island hopping land tour.

Please contact us for more information about land based stays or diving tours in the Galapagos.

San Cristobal Discovery Tour 5 Days

Spend time in the local village, discover the natural and agricultural areas of the highlands of San Cristobal, circumnavigate and snorkel and several spots around the entire island, and end with a visit to the uninhabited island of Española - a highlight! Click here to learn more

In-depth Santa Cruz 6 Days

This trip packs in a lot of activity in just 6 days! Visit a tortoise reserve on Santa Cruz, visit a couple uninhabited islands, Cerro Mesa Reserve and Tortuga Bay, snorkel in one of the most incredible marine reserves! Click here to learn more