Special Interest Tours

Ecuador’s wide variety of landscapes, its pre-Columbian cultural heritage, and, most importantly, its assortment of people from different ethnic groups, make the country a fascinating treasure to be visited. From fine historical haciendas to the trails of ancient cultures, these special interest guided tours in Ecuador will explore archeology, education, arts, and important historical sites.

Ecuador is an ideal location for tours of a special interest. Discover ancient legends as they are portrayed through traditional arts and crafts that are still practiced today, walk the paths of the ancient cultures and learn what is known of their culture, or come to meet with contemporary Ecuadorian artists who re-engage traditional motifs in their work.

Family holidays and educational tours are designed based on the interest of the group. You may explore a variety of subjects, such as nature, pre-Columbian art or indigenous cultures. Explore any of the exciting and beautiful destinations in Ecuador while engaging in activities of your choice, anything from relaxing on the beach to horseback riding to visiting archeological sites. We have various tours from Quito, Ecuador and we will design the trip that best suits your group.

Hacienda and spa tours are specifically focused on the traveler who is looking for a more relaxed and slower paced experience. We visit Ecuador’s finest and oldest haciendas, allowing us a glimpse into history, while offering the highest quality comforts and luxury. The fine historical setting helps create a relaxing ambiance, perfect for forgetting the stress and worries of modern life.

NEW: Coastal Tour

This incredible Coastal tour of Ecuador will give travellers a complete view of the Coast of Ecuador, visiting archeological ruins, nature reserves, a cacao plantation, the town where Panama Hats are made, Isla de la Plata and so much more! Click here to learn more

Hacienda Hopping through Ecuador

Stay at the finest haciendas in Ecuador, transporting the visitor into another time while offering the highest quality comforts and luxury designed to forget the daily worries and liberate the stress caused by the accelerated pace of contemporary life. Click here to learn more

Experience the Cooking Traditions of Ecuador

This tour takes you through various regions of Ecuador where you will sample the typical foods and dishes of those areas. Then there is the option of going on to Galapagos on board one of our vessels… there you have a chance to savor all the dishes from all the regions. Click here to learn more