Market Tours

One of the most fascinating and unique things about Ecuador is its markets. Market day is a grand, colorful fiesta with hundreds of people buying and selling almost everything: food, hardware, clothing, tapestries, with most things made or produced locally. Vendors and buyers travel from kilometers around, in carts, on donkeys, on foot, or by truck to buy, sell or trade.

Somewhere, on any given day, there is sure to be a colorful market on display in some quaint town square. Many of these Ecuador markets can be easily explored from Quito on a day trip. There are many specialty markets, with towns renowned for their specific handicraft, such as Cotacachi for its leather goods, or Pujilí for it’s ceramics, or markets with a wide range of Indian goods like colorful Saquisilí, which includes an animal market. Explore these rich in culture markets and other Ecuador tourist attractions while on our Ecuador indian market tours from Enchanted Expeditions.