Adventure Tours

The Enchanted Expeditions Adventure Tours are set up for the more intrepid explorer. Ecuador is able to provide a varied and exhilarating experience for the ambitious beginner to even the highly experienced adventurer.

From trekking to hiking to white water rafting, Ecuador offers an adventure for anyone.  The magnificent mountain peaks, plunging valleys, and rolling will match your experience with truly magnificent scenery.  Not to forget is the rich cultural heritage of Ecuador that will be ever present on whatever tour you chose to travel.

Ecuador adventure tours are by far varied and will suit the interest of many travelers. Browse are selection of guided tours in Ecuador listed below.

The Headwaters Run

The Quijos river is set to become Ecuador’s premier white water trip with mile after mile of class IV-IV+ rapids and spectacular jungle scenery. Expect to run more white water in a day than you’d do in a week elsewhere. Click here to learn more

Climb Cotopaxi Volcano

Climb to the summit of Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador's 2nd highest peak, and one of the world's highest active volcano. The summit of this volcano will offer climbers an unforgettable view of the Andean mountain range. Click here to learn more

Horseback Riding Tours

Ride along back roads, between the tilled fields, and observe rural life in Ecuador as well as the ancient agricultural methods used, while viewing Ecuador's natural beauty. We tailor make horseback riding tours in accordance with your interest. Click here to learn more

Walking from North to South

This tour provides the opportunity for a close-up view of the authentic rural Ecuador while visiting some of Ecuador's natural and cultural highlights; a knowledgeable naturalist guide will accompany you on this extraordinary journey on foot. Click here to learn more

Trek along the Old Inca Trail

Trek along the Old Inca Trail through beautiful Paramo landscapes to the Incan sun temple, Ingapirca. Get a closer look at a significant native American culture as well as the contemporary lifestyle of the Indian peasants Click here to learn more